Born/currently reside: Kevlafik Iceland/ Long Beach, CA
Sponsors: Sovrn, Ace Trucks, Bones Wheel, Pepper Grip, FP Insoles, Glassy Eyewear, Long Beach Skate Co, No Hours
Instagram: @justindamer
Other interests: After work walks with my daughter
Board set-up: Sovrn Deck Full Shape 8.25”, Ace AF1 Hollow 55s, Bones X-Formula 56mm V6 99a, Ace Bearings, Pepper Grip, Ace 7/8” Allen Hollow Hardware
Favorite candy/snack: Coffee
Favorite skatepark: Orizaba is pretty fun but lately I only have time for the streets
Favorite video part: Gilbert Crockett Old Dominion
Favorite skateboarder: Gilbert Crockett